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About us

Textra Data is oriented in the near future to become a leading company in sustainable development technology on the basis of knowledge and creative intelligence. The development of Textra is based on the combination of the intelligence of the staff, the staff resonates with the enthusiasm of the executive apparatus which is the foundation of the system.


Our mission is to bring good quality embedded in the innovative techniques. We believe in customization solutions that caters to your business needs and optimization the use of technology integrated with human potential.

Core Values

Permanence - Affordability - Integrity - Excellent - Creative - Affordability Permanence: Textra chooses to build a sustainable and long-term cooperative relationship towards great values with customers and partners. Affordability: Textra provide products and technology solutions at reasonable prices. Integrity: Textra is always open, honest and fair. Excellent: Textra strives for excellence in each product and service. Creativity: Textra encourages and applies initiative and creativity.


As a new solution provider, we aim for long-term and sustainable cooperation with the world’s leading IT firms. Textra Data is capable of providing and integrating most IT infrastructure solutions such as Virtualization and Cloud computing solutions, Network infrastructure solutions, Data center infrastructure solutions, Computer system solutions. server and storage solutions, video conferencing solutions, Unified Communications solutions and comprehensive enterprise Database building solutions.